Welcome to SCHE

We meet the third Thursday of each month — usually a MNO (Moms Night Out). Contact us for more details about this month’s meeting. You may also check our Facebook page for updates.

Who We Are:

  • We are a local homeschool support group upholding biblical principles and traditional Christian values.
  • We exist to help meet the needs of families choosing parent-directed home education as an alternative to public or private schools.
  • We come from many denominational backgrounds and we homeschool for varied reasons.
  • Our common bond is our desire to honor the Lord GOD through our families and the education of our children.

Our Purpose Is:

  • To inform, equip, and encourage families from a biblical worldview.
  • To provide educational, recreational, and social activities for like-minded families.

Our Philosophy:

  • We believe that parents have the primary and God-given responsibility to educate their children.
  • We believe that parents can best understand the needs and the abilities of their children.
  • We believe that the home provides the most natural environment for learning.

View our brochure:

SCHE Brochure page 1

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